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Office Removals

Are you planning to move your office? Reliable Removals Business Solutions provides a range of office removals services to help companies and government organisations of all sizes relocate, refurbish, expand or downsize their premises. Get in touch with us today and we’ll make sure you’re ready for business!

Moving Office

Whether you have a one-off office move request or are looking for an on going logistical relationship, we provide commercial transportation, relocation and storage services to businesses of all sizes across the UK – including London, Essex, Kent, Bournemouth, Dorset, Medway & Swale.

From a small business to multi-national corporate office relocation, planning is the key to any successful office move. Our office removals service caters for businesses of any stature and size. Request an appointment or call our commercial surveyor who will provide helpful feedback to make sure your office move is smooth, ensuring minimal business interruption.

Our Top Three Moving Office Do’s & Don’ts

Office Removals Kent & South East England

Thinking of moving office? Give us a call to discuss your requirements. We’ll be able to confirm a date for your survey there and then.


One of our surveyors will come and visit your office for a FREE, no-obligation consolation. We’ll get back to you with a conformation of price the very next day


You accept our quote because we are reliable, reasonable and you love us. Then we book your office move date in our diary.


Your Office Move Manager will oversee every stage of the process and produce a detailed Resource and Activity schedule in anticipation for your move to ensure everything goes without a hitch


Having predetermined the number of crates needed for files, personal items and office furniture with our surveyor, we’ll confirm their date with you beforehand.


Using our logistical inventory checklist, all items are labeled and loaded. All office furniture and effects will be wrapped, protected and secured.


We’ll head straight to your new office, ready to take action as soon as we get access. Then we’ll unload and place your possessions just where you want them.


You can trust us to leave you organised and tidy. Your Office Move Manager will confirm you’re happy that everything has arrived safe and sound at your new office.

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Office Removals FAQs:

Are your removals team trained for Office moves?

During office removals we only use our most experienced staff to minimise the downtime for your business. We use suitably trained staff with adequate knowledge of office removals to load and unload any specialist and IT equipment. We appreciate that getting the office up and running is essential to your business and livelihood so we endeavor to work closely with you to establish your priorities.

Do you arrange parking?

We can advise on what the parking requirements are prior to the final confirmation of your office removal. It is however our customer’s responsibility to liaise with the local council and arrange suitable parking near your office which may include a parking bay or yellow line suspension close to the premises. Having a space for the removals van is an essential part of the move so please don’t leave this to the last minute.

Should filing cabinets be emptied before the removal date?

Yes! Our office removals team are unable to move filled office cabinets so please ensure these are emptied prior to the office move.

Do you move IT equipment?

Yes! We move all equipment and help set up your office as required. We do not however offer IT instillations. For example, during an office removal we load and unload office furniture and electricals however we let you set up and install any IT equipment.

Do you offer server move?

This is not something we offer within our office removals service. We recommend you contact a specialist in this field to guide you through this set-up.

Do you move photocopiers?

If the photo copier is owned by your business we can move and install it. If the copier is lease we require confirmation from the leasing company to grant us permission to relocate the appliance. If you have any specific questions regarding the removal of office appliances please don’t hesitate to contact us or our removals team.

Do you move safes?

Our Office removals surveyor will assess if any additional services will be required to move the safe(s) in question. All details will be provided in a commercial quote which will take into account the size of the safe and any specialist equipment/handling that may be required.

Do you relocate offices during weekends or evenings?

We understand that for some business moving during the working week simply isn’t feasible. We therefore offer office removals during the weekend. Due to these slots being in high demand and our removals men working at a premium rate there are cost implications for our weekend removals service.

Are special packing materials and crates provided for office removals?

Yes! We offer all the materials necessary for office removals including IT crate rental.

Do you pack crates?

We endeavor to provide a tailored removal service to suit the needs of your office. If packing crates is required, pack your crates we will! We appreciate that for some businesses packing their own crates is preferred and this is fine too.

Do you protect the floor during office removals?

As with all of our office removals protecting the floor and work environment is always a priority. Our office removals team is no different and prides themselves on the care taken to eliminate potential damages.

Do you offer storage for office items?

We offer a secure warehouse so you can store any goods not required during the period after your office move. We ask for you to arrange this service prior to the office removal and provide an estimated time period for storage.

Find out more about our storage services.

Do you provide storage for filings and documents?

Yes! During office removals we offer a variety of storage containers that are suitable for filings and documents.

Our Top Three Moving Office Do’s & Don’ts

🙂 Do

1. Tag everything in the office no matter how small and place them in locations that are easy for the mover to spot.

2. Lock all drawers.

3. Plan on making all electrical and mechanical disconnections yourself (unless other specific arrangements have been made with our office removals crew).

🙁 Don’t

1. Move office photocopiers or printers with toner installed inside.

2. Block office emergency exits.

3. Place office items in the aisles or hallways as it will cause obstructions for the removals crew.