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Kent Removals : 01634-365-822

We offer professional, reliable & stress-free House removals services across Kent.

Kent Removals Office : 
Kent Removals : 01634-365-822

We offer professional, reliable & stress-free office removals services across Kent.

Kent Removals Office : 
Kent Removals : 01634-365-822

We offer professional, reliable & stress-free international removals services for Kent residents.



Reliable Removals & Storage of Kent

A Personal, Flexible and Quality Removals & Storage Service

Reliable Removals is a multi award winning Removals and Storage company which was founded in 1993 and has been a family run business from the beginning. Our company prides itself on our core values of providing a personal, flexible and above all, a reliable quality removals service.

Whether you are moving home, office, locally, nationally or internationally, we know and appreciate that no two moves are ever the same.

The Reliable removals team understand how stressful moving can be, so we have spent years perfecting our service to help remove the stress of moving. We are the movers, not you, so packing up and moving your possessions should be the last thing on your mind.

Our pledge to you: you will receive a personal service, your possessions will be handled with love and, if you find a better price, we’ll match it!

Our Kent removals company also covers the county of Kent e.g.
Chatham, Gillingham, Gravesend, Maidstone, Medway, Rochester, Sittingbourne & Swale.

What our Kent removals company doesWe offer a range of different removals services that go above and beyond the normal removals companies’ services.

Packing Service We offer a full and partial packing service. Whether you want to hand us your keys and go for a day out, or whether you have run out of time and need some help – we are here.

Packaging Materials We offer a full range of packaging materials, not to make us money, but to save YOU money. We are cheaper than most and will drop them off at your property when you would like.

Storage Solutions We can store your belongings safely, until you need them, and bring them to you when you do.

Dismantle / Re-Assembling if you need anything dismantling and reassembling, we can do it. Beds, wardrobes, other furniture! We carefully dismantle, wrap, and reassemble your items so you don’t have to.

Disposal Extensive Removals Coverage of Kent including Chatham, Gillingham, Gravesend, Maidstone, Medway, Rochester, Sittingbourne & Swale... We can clear any unwanted household or garden items

Cleaning Service We offer a full cleaning service, be it for your new or old property. We provide end of Tenancy documentation too.

Confidential Shredding Reliable Confidential Shredding can make sure all your sensitive and confidential material and data is permanently and securely destroyed, tailoring a destruction schedule to your specific needs.

Extensive Kent Removals Coverage: Our removals service covers the entire county of Kent.

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Experienced Kent removals company
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As a family owned business, we value customer.

Flexible removals service Kent
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Excellent vehicles that wont break down during a move.

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Need somewhere to store items? We have you covered.

Why choose us?

Kent Removals - Experienced


Moving homes since 1993

Kent Removals - Insured removals


We protect your possessions

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National Guild members adhering to strict quality standards

Kent Removals - Flexible Removals


As a family owned business, we value our customers

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Excellent vehicles that wont break down during a move

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NO hidden extras. No overtime charges.

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Storage Services

Need somewhere to store items? We have you covered

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Reliable Removals & Storage of Kent starting review quoteBrilliant! Would highly recommend Reliable Removals, the whole team from start to finish have been excellent.Reliable Removals & Storage of Kent ending review quote

Mr Woodhams, Kent

Reliable Removals & Storage of Kent starting customer review quoteIt has been a brilliant experience. The team could not have been better or kinder.Reliable Removals & Storage of Kent ending customer review quote

Mr & Mrs Thompson, Maidstone, Kent

Reliable Removals & Storage of Kent starting customer review quoteAn excellent service, no stress at all, very polite and understanding.Reliable Removals & Storage of Kent ending customer review quote

Mrs Thompson, Chatham, Kent

Reliable Removals & Storage of Kent starting customer review quoteSuper quick and super easy. I was moving from the UK to the US and Reliable Removals moved everything I needed without anything getting damagedReliable Removals & Storage of Kent ending customer review quote

Dr Ward, Medway to Milan, Italy

Reliable Removals & Storage of Kent starting customer review quoteI recently upgraded to a bigger office, and I was worried about the whole moving process but then I found reliable removals and they moved everything from my old to new office very efficiently.RReliable Removals & Storage of Kent ending customer review quote

Gemma, Swale, Kent


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Pre-move survey FAQs

Removals FAQs – Transportation:

Removals FAQs – Moving Items:

Removals FAQs – Payment:

What is a pre-move Survey?

It is advisable to get different quotes or research prices for relocating to any destination, this is done by arranging a pre-move survey.

A pre-move survey is often a free service provided by removals companies to asses your property, belongings, location and scale of your move. The pre-move survey is conducted by a surveyor who will walk through your property noting the number and size of rooms along with the items you wish to move. Usually the surveys are conducted 3-4 weeks prior to your moving date and take roughly 30 minutes depending on the size of your property.

A pre-move survey is the most accurate means of getting a quote and ensuring the correct infrastructure is in place for your moving date.

What is the purpose of a pre-move survey?

Moving is a unique experience however the key factors to consider when moving are always consistent: what needs to be moved, what you need from your mover and what the specifications of the move locations are. These are all key bits of information that your removals team must know before the removal date to enable an accurate quote for the pre-move survey.

If this information is not provided it can be difficult to estimate the number of removal men that will be required, how many vehicles will be necessary and what specialist equipment will be needed to conduct an efficient removal process. The best way to obtain this information is for a team member to meet you in your home and conduct a pre-move survey, it’ll be beneficial for you financially and save you any unnecessary stress during your move.

Why is a pre-move survey so important?

1. A pre-move survey is an opportunity for you to communicate with your removals company. Good communication between both parties minimises any chances of problems pre, post and during the move.

2. It is a great opportunity for the removals company to assess the logistics and predict any potential areas that could cause problems. The pre-move survey will hopefully minimise any challenges that may arise during your move by ensuring we are equipped to deal with them prior to the removal date.

3. A pre-move survey is the most reliable and accurate way of getting a quote. It provides you with an opportunity to ask your removals company any questions you may want answered before the removal date. We can outline the moving process face-to-face and help to assist and advise you on any queries you may have.

4. It gives the removals company an opportunity to establish how many loaders will be required, what equipment might be necessary and how many vehicles will be needed to move your goods.

…The importance of a pre-move survey should not be underestimated!

What happens when a removals company comes to survey my home?

The pre-move survey is conducted by one of our Reliable Removals ‘ surveyors. Our surveyor collates all the information needed to make your move as stress-free as possible by clarifying concerns and highlighting any areas that may need to be addressed prior to the move.

During your pre-move survey our surveyor will guide you through an inventory of your items you wish to move. The surveyor will go through your home, room at a time, including any external buildings/storage units to ensure that no items are missed. If we are unable to move any of your items due to loading difficulties e.g. lawn mowers with fuel tanks our surveyor will let you know and advise you on any modifications that can be made that will enable us to load your items. If this is not possible our surveyor will help advice on and arrange alternative services for the items in question.

Our surveyor will also assess any parking/access points that will be used during your move and asses if any specialist packing is required.

How much does a pre-move survey cost?

At Reliable Removals we don’t charge any additional fees for the pre-move survey. We believe it’s fundamental to the smooth running of the removal and moving process!

How long does a pre-move survey take?

It depends… the time taken to conduct a pre-move survey is dependent on the size of your property and the contents within it. Typically, a pre-move survey takes 30 minutes however larger properties will take longer.

How to prepare for and what you need to know prior to the pre-move survey

How to prepare…

Don’t worry – our surveyor will do most of the work. Information on the number of rooms in your home and what needs to be moved should be provided prior to or during the pre-move survey. We also recommend you ensure any lofts or outdoor storage buildings are easy to access and set up before our surveyor arrives.

What you need to know…

1. What items are being moved
2. Whether you want to move anything yourself, if so what items
3. Are you doing any of the packing yourself? If so, what are you packing and what are the removals team packing

What questions will you be asked?

Each move is unique and some questions will depend on your situation, personal priorities and home. However, there are some questions that come up more frequently than others during your pre-move survey…

1. Accessibility. During your pre-move survey the accessibility of your property and belongings is something that will inevitably be discussed. There are several factors that come into the melting pot when moving, theses include: parking, limited access, obstacles and any stairs or lifts that could increase the time or diversity of equipment required.

2. Budget. This is a common and necessary topic for discussion. Removals companies are likely to ask about your budget when conducting the pre-move survey to ensure you get the best deal for your money.

3. Number of rooms. An integral part of the pre-move survey is establishing the size of the property and task at hand. The number of rooms in your property gives us a rough idea of the properties size. We also ask for you to include any details of additional spaces e.g. lofts, cellars and any garden buildings.

4. Specialist removal services. This concerns any special requirements that may involve the dismantling or reassembling of specific devices, any cleaning that might be necessary or the disposal of confidential papers.

5. Special items. This includes any items that may be difficult to maneuver or have special sentiment to you. Items that may be of concern include antiques, glass tables, large objects, antiques, pianos, fragile and/or precious items and any garden furnishings. Providing this information during the pre-move survey ensures that any necessary measures or precautions will be taken to minimise the possibility of hic-ups during the move.

6. Special requirements. You will be asked if you’re aware of any special requirements, this may include the presence of elderly relatives, personal disabilities, young children or pets. Knowledge of special requirements will enable our removals team to cater to your specific circumstances.

Questions to ask the surveyor...

We recommend putting together a list of questions prior to your pre-move survey. There are no questions off limit… well within reason! Ask anything to our Reliable Removals ‘ surveyor, that you think may enable your move to go as smoothly and stress-free as possible. Amendments to specific details regarding your move can be changed post pre-move survey and prior to your moving date but these queries must be communicated so don’t hesitate to contact your removals team if something comes up.

Some queries that come up will be unique to your circumstances however there are some generic questions we recommend asking…

– Is a full packing service provided?

– Are the packing materials provided for your move and are they included within the quoted price?

– If packing materials are provided do they have to be returned to the removals company after use, if so what is the timescale for this return?

– Are specialist boxes provided for fragile or heavy items such as TV’s and IT equipment?

– How do the removals company propose to move larger items out of the house? Are there any specific requirements or pricing implications for such objects?

– Are there any items that the removals company are unable to transport during the removal process?

– Will the removals company disconnect and reconnect your cooker, washing machine or other appliances?

– Will the removals company dismantle and reassemble your furniture?

– If you’re moving long-distance is this something your removals team are experienced with?

– How long has the company been established?

– What kind of insurance do the removal company offer? Does it offer a fair and adequate cover for sentimental, antique or precious items?

– Do the removals company have a membership with a professional body?

– Are there any circumstances whereby additional charges can be made, for instance, if you encounter a delay receiving the keys for your new home?

– Does the company have a cancellation policy and if so what does it involve?

– Does the company have storage facilities? We recommend asking this question even if you don’t plan on putting any of your possessions into storage as sometimes circumstances can change which may require you to use a storage facility. Knowing your removals company can help you with this will bring you peace of mind during the move.

– Make sure you know how and when payment is expected. Be cautious of companies that only accept payment in cash transactions.

– Find out if the removals company has any expectations from you prior to, post, or on your moving day

– Once a pre-move survey has been conducted be sure to discuss the inventory and cost. Once discussed and agreed ensure all information is provided and agreed to in writing.

At reliable removals we love it when you ask questions because we believe effective communication makes for a stress-free move. We have answered some of the most frequently asked questions on our FAQ house removals page but if you can’t find the answer your looking for please don’t hesitate to get in touch and contact us.

When should you schedule your pre-move survey?

When you know when you’re moving and what you want to move we recommend scheduling the pre-move survey with Reliable Removals asap! This information normally becomes clear right after you purchase or sell your home, ideally the pre-move survey should be conducted 3-4 weeks prior to your move.

How Much Notice is Required For a House Removal?

It is always best if you can give as much notice as possible. On average, Reliable Removals and Storage vehicles are booked at least 7-14 days before the day they are required for house removals, this gives us time to prepare to ensure your move goes smoothly.

Cancellation charges can apply so please do not book your house removals until your sale is confirmed and your move is certain.

How Do I Know What Size of Removals Vehicle I Will Need?

The size of the removals vehicle is decided by us, we will always designate the perfect removals vehicle to suit your requirements so you don’t have to worry. To ensure your vehicle is the correct size we do a home survey of your home; taking into account quantity, size, and height of your items, so we have the appropriate van needed to transfer them safely during house removals.

If a home survey cannot take place we will use information supplied by you to determine the necessary size, this is all dependent on the accuracy of your information so please be truthful.

Reliable Removals has a total of 15 vehicles, including the economical 3.5-ton Luton vans and 18 Ton removals lorry suitable for very large 5-bedroom house that are the perfect vehicle to make house removals run like clockwork.

What Will be the Size of My Removals Crew?

The amount of movers required to help during house removals is dependent on the quantity and size of items we have identified in our home survey. This means your removals crew could range from two to five loaders, our priority is to make sure you have the essential removals crew and transport for a quick and organized move.

Is it Possible to Move House on Weekends and Bank Holidays?

We are happy to do house removals any day of the week, even bank holidays. However, it should be noted prices may vary on certain days to account for the extra cost of removals crew.

Will I Need to Organise Parking for the Removals Vehicle?

To ensure house removals go as efficiently as possible we recommend organising parking ahead of schedule. So, if it is difficult to park directly outside your property you will need to get in touch with Kent council to organise a parking space for the removals vehicle.

For enquiries about the size of the removals vehicle and room required to park, just contact us and we will provide the necessary information. If there are any parking fines incurred on the day of your house removal we will have to add it to your bill.

Are you Able to Park Your Removals Lorry on a Yellow Line When Loading?

There is a maximum of 20 minutes allowed when parking on a yellow line to load and unload for house removals. If it is necessary we can park for a longer amount of time on a double yellow or yellow but only if you consent to paying for the parking ticket. A standard parking ticket in Kent can be up to £70 but this will vary depending on where you are located.

What Time Should I Expect the Removals Vehicle?

Usually our removals vehicle will arrive at your address in the morning hours, ranging from 8 to 9am. But this can all be dependent on your schedule and desired time of arrival at the delivery address. To ensure we arrive at a suitable time we will work with you to organize a plan for the day. It is always possible delays can occur but you can depend on our crew to always turn up ready and organised for all house removals.

Can I Accompany You in the Removals Vehicle?

Unfortunately, it is not likely we will have room in the removals vehicle for you as our teams consist of two or more people in order to carry out house removals as quickly as possible.

How Long Do House Removals Take?

This is never concrete as there are a certain number of aspects that will affect the overall time of house removals. The most significant factors are the amount of items you wish to move and the distance we will be moving them. Another aspect that will affect time is the accessibility, for example loading will take longer if we cannot park our removals vehicle directly outside your house due to parked cars or other obstructions.

What Items Cannot be Transported in the Home Move?

We cannot transport any gases or flammable liquids in any container. Additionally, paint and oil are also not allowed as there is the possibility they can leak and damage your other items, this also applies to food and drink which carry the same risk. Further items that cannot be submitted for house removals for legal reasons include ammunition, drugs and firearms. For more information and details on excluded goods please contact us.

Can You Transport My High Value Items Such as Pianos, Fine Art and Antiques?

Yes, Reliable Removals would be happy to help you move these valuable items safely and securely, with a wealth of experience in house removals under our belt, we are as comfortable moving them across the UK as we are transporting them overseas.

Can I do my own packing?

Put simply, yes, but its important you’re aware of how this may affect your insurance, most companies only provide cover if boxes are crushed or dropped. If you decide to pack your own belongings, please ensure you use boxes of a suitable size and strength and seal them carefully. We recommend against using open top boxes due to being difficult to stack and increasing the likelihood of damage. Please don’t hesitate to contact our removals team if you are unsure of box type or size as we can provide you with some.

Can I use standard boxes for packing my possessions?

In short, yes. Our removals team recommends that you leave packing delicate and fragile items to the professionals however if you decide to pack your own fragile items double walled corrugated cardboard boxes should be used. For extra care use styrofoam peanuts and wrap items in tissue paper. For non-breakable items normal household boxes can be used. Please see the question bellow for queries regarding our box provision service.

Where can I get boxes from? Do you provide them?

Many retailers such as Ikea and Staples sell both boxes and moving packages which includes boxes and bubble wrap. If you’re on the hunt for a good deal try asking your local supermarket if they have any boxes they plan on throwing away as you might get these for free! However, we recommend using these boxes for non-breakable items and sealing them with care to avoid breakages during the move.

Will You Dismantle and Reassemble My Furniture?

All your furniture will need to be dismantled prior to the house removal date unless it is agreed upon in your quote. If this is the case our staff will disassemble all the required furniture for you. In order for us to prepare you will need to confirm this service when we are putting together your quote, this cannot be requested on the day of house removals.

Can we disconnect and reconnect washing and/or drying machines for you?

Yes! Our Reliable Removals team disconnects and reconnects for the majority of appliances for you, this service is included within the original price quoted. We are unable to disconnect gas cookers and a couple of other appliances so please double check any queries with your surveyor prior to the removal date.

Do I need to empty out the fridge and freezer prior to moving?

Fragile items e.g. glass jars and bottles should be removed to prevent breakage however any other foods/beverages can stay put, well… unless you’re moving abroad then we suggest finishing any consumables before the big move! Our removals team load the fridge and freezer last and unload them first to ensure your food stays fresh (phew).

Will you empty my loft?

Loft emptying is included within our house removals service… so long as its safe to do so! We require that your loft is accessible by a fixed staircase or ladder and has sturdy flooring and lighting. If these criteria are not met please empty your loft prior to the removal vans arrival.

How do I pay for my removal?

Once the quote for our Reliable Removals service is accepted we require 50% of the total to be paid upon the initial booking and the remaining payment to be made the day before the move. Payments can be made using credit or debit cards.

Do I have to pay VAT?

VAT is a legal requirement in the United Kingdom and it will appear on the Reliable Removals quotation given.

What happens if I go over the hours agreed?

The only way you will receive additional charges is if you have opted for our man and van service or if the original terms and conditions have been breeched. Please ensure you are familiar with our T&C’s prior to the removal date to ensure you don’t receive additional charges.

What if I need to change my removal date?

We get it, life happens and things change. Changes can only be made subject to availability so we recommend you let us know asap for the best chance of securing your preferred removal date.

What do I do if I need to cancel the removal service?

We understand, circumstances cannot always be controlled so we have a fair cancellation policy in place. For details on our cancelations please speak to your surveyor and check our terms and conditions.

What happens if there is a breakage during the move?

Our Reliable Removals team prides themselves on taking care of your belongings. However, if this unlikely event does occur we deal with claims efficiently and amicably.

Are my items insured?

Yes! Reliable Removals is a member of the National Guild of Removers and Storers and are required to carry insurance. We recommend talking to your surveyor and read the terms and conditions before the removal date.